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Custom Hoodies

Design Your Own Custom Hoodies
Make your own custom hoodies online using our easy design tools to create 1 of a kind personalised hoodies.
Make Personalized Hoodies Online

Custom Hoodies Are The Rage

The word “hoodie” in the English language came into it’s own circa 1990.

Leveraging advancements in garment printing technologies our word “custom” as in “make it your own” or “print my custom design or custom logo” has quickly became associated with hoodies as personalized apparel.

With these new quick setup printing processes companies began offering custom printing services to buyers of small quantities.

Thanks to today’s custom garment printing technology and online print-on-demand services, custom hoodies are very affordable and practical; even if you just want one single custom hoodie.

Today customized hoodies are available to everyone and almost everyone is technically capable of using the online software designing tools to customize your own hoodies.

Hoodie Basics

Before we go all custom hoodies on you let’s go over some hoodie basics. Hoodies are hooded sweatshirts; also known as and spelled as “Hoody”. These are considered to be the best combination for comfort and style. A hoodie is sweatshirt apparel with a hood attached at the back of the collar area that hangs down the back; some variations have snaps or pockets to hold the hood high around the collar. The hood can easily be pulled up over the head for added warmth and protection from cold winds.

These garments usually have draw strings for adjusting the tightness of the hood and often have kangaroo pockets in the belly area. Hoodies are generally available in two basic styles; a pullover the head version and a front full length vertical zipper style that enables the wearer to use it more like a jacket.

In various geographic locations the design details will vary according to what garment manufactures determine will best meet the purchasing demands of buyers. Functionality, patterns, colors and design preferences of local and regional populations are considered. Hoodies are very popular and worn in all locations of the world today; primarily due to comfort, ease of use, and practicality they provide to wearers.

Basics of Custom Hoodies

The most basic hooded sweatshirts are manufactured and marketed as design neutral. These are the hoodies that can be customized. The vast majority are “plain” without designs or patterns (not yet anyway!), they are widely available in the greatest variety of solid colors, they are offered in the widest range of sizes, and they are the best sellers at the lowest prices.

Plain Hoodies Become Custom Hoodies

    Customized Hoodies are comprised of two or more components:

      1. Plain hoodies or just a single hoodie in the style, color, and size of your choice.
      2. A graphic design(s) and/or text you want custom printed.

Personalized Hoodies – Easy Methods to Design Your Own Hoodie

Note: Before you begin custom designing a digital image always familiarize yourself with a site’s specific information on acceptable image sizes and file requirements.

  • Text Only Option: This is without a doubt the easiest way to create personalized hoodies. Since a variety of text fonts and styles are build into online custom designing systems all you basically have to do is type in your words, choose font style(s), scale and sized, and position it. You can add text in different area of the garment and layer different text elements near or even on top of the other for a collage; front, back, pocket are position examples. You have just designed your own personalized custom hoodies. Yes, it’s just that simple! Order just one, order a quantity, or start over.
  • Digital Photos & Pictures: Using this method is also extremely easy to create personalized hoodies. All you need is a digital image of the design you want printed. All you have to do is upload it to the online designing tool and it will magically appear on the hoodies template. Now just size & scale it, position it and you have just made your own personalized hoodies. Optionally, you can also add text along with your photo. Custom hoodies have never been easier or more affordable to design and create.
  • Ready Made Clipart: Use ready made clipart images for creating themes, patterns and composite artwork. You can purchase a quality single clip art image or clipart collections containing millions of clipart images at very cheap prices. You can find photo realistic clipart images, patterns, backgrounds, textures, cartoon images, and line drawing that cover just about every topic and subject. Be cautious of free clipart and low quality and low resolution images. Your image needs to be at least 150 ppi (pixels-per-inch) and overall resolution (print size) of around 1500 ppi by 1500 ppi or they will not make quality sizable prints with good details. Make sure your image is a .jpg, .png, or .tif file or it may not work for making custom hoodies. Clipart image can be used without doing any technical modification of design. However, you can optionally modify colors and make simple to complex modifications to customize clipart images before uploading. Using graphics programs you can combine clipart images, swap-out or use design elements from any number of images to create your custom design or custom logo. Again you can also combine clipart with text to create custom hoodies.
  • Create Your Own Original Digital Image: This method has various levels of difficulty but generally requires higher levels of computer, graphics manipulation and image creativity skills. At this level any and all methods of creating your final digital image design are fair game. Working between computer graphic programs, scanning, cameras, drawings, paintings, pictures, text and any other medium you can dream-up… you can combine elements to create simple to complex digital art. Build your image in a relatively large printing size with at least 150 ppi. Digital images always can be scaled down in size while holding their quality but they cannot always be scaled up larger without loss of quality. Upload your final image to create personalised custom hoodies.
  • Personalised Hoodies With Existing Designs: This is perhaps the best kept secret in the custom hoodies marketplace. There is one particular personalised apparel community which literally has millions of ready-made apparel designs created by pro designers that will permit you to alter existing apparel designs. The designs are already displayed on t shirts and hoodies so you can see what they look like. Here are the two very cool things about these designs… if you see a t shirt design you like you can switch out the t shirt for a hoodie and vise versa; also, if you see a design you like you can personalise it by adding your name, date, a saying, or another image. You can also move and scale the existing design to make more space for your words. A very cool and easy way to make custom hoodies!

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Just visit a site that offers the service to make personalised hoodies like Design Your Own Hoodie (they offer sweatshirts and shirts also). Select a “basic hoodie” (pullover, zip-up, track or jacket) don’t worry about the color or size of the basic hoodie as you can switch-it-out while you are creating custom hoodies. Once you have clicked the basic hoodie style you want you will jump to the design-it-page. This is where you go to start personalising hoodies. You may need to click the “customize it” button to get started. If the basic hoodie has a sample image on it, just delete it. Now you are ready to start making custom hoodies. You can now add text and / or upload your custom design.

Custom Hoodies – Personalised Hoodies History

Custom hoodies began their fashionable startup as casual clothes circa 1930. During this period, a number of Hollywood stars wore custom hoodies in their movies. This had tremendous influence on young Americans. The influence was so powerful that everyone from working class to athletes begin began to enjoy custom personalised hoodies; they became part of their daily lives. As the years passed hoodies became an essential thing to have in wardrobes. From circa 1930, custom hoodies have evolved going through various stages of design. Fashion designers have continuously worked to keep pace with current styles and fashion as they introduce new patterns and colorful graphics. Even the basic hoodies used to create custom hoodies have evolved. Custom hoodies have not only maintained their popularity in the garment industry but have grown to a position of popularity to be envied by most other garments.

Today, custom hoodies can easily claim to be part of a school’s uniform in universities and schools around the world. Many sports teams and athletes have included custom hoodies in their uniforms with team logos and slogans printed front and back. The logo and punch-line of a team or a group gives members a look of unity and instills a common sense of pride.

Custom hoodies and personalised hoodies are highly likely to reign supreme in popularity for a long time to come. So what are you waiting for, design your own hoodie!